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Review guidelines before submitting a request


The guidelines below are the driving principals that the Capitol Benefits Foundation uses to determine whether or not to accept a grant request.  Other factors may come into play outside of these guidelines such as the availability of funds.

  • Our grant recipients must be 501c(3) non-profit organizations.   In many cases, we can work with a local church or PTA that has a direct relationship with those that will benefit from the grant to satisfy this requirement.  For example, we can provide a grant to a local school PTA that can use the funds to assist a family in need. 

  • All grant recipients (the actual people that the funding will be used for) must be located within 100 miles of the Washington DC area or within 50 miles of New Jersey, Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia, or Connecticut.

  • We want to see our grant in action!  Preference will be given to organizations that can provide pictures of how the money was used.  This could be a picture of the clothing or food that was donated.  It does not need to include pictures of the people that benefited (but we’ll take them if you have them).

  • We’re a small organization and we want to support other organizations that are the same size or smaller!  We appreciate the hard work and community support from the big ones however that is not who we are targeting.

  • Are there volunteer opportunities available for the Capitol Benefits team to support your cause?  We won’t decline a grant request based on your answer to this question however if we can do more than provide funds, we’d love to help!

  • Our minimum size grant right now is $250 and our maximum is $1,000.   Grant amounts are based on need and funds available.

  • Our grant recipients (the people that actually benefit) should be kids. 

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